Vail Daily letter: Bad analogy |

Vail Daily letter: Bad analogy

Paul Kulas
Eagle, CO Colorado

This is a response to Butch Mazucca’s article “The wrong software.”

It’s his latest batch of nonsense. Wrong software – wrong again. Butch writes, “It’s akin to using PC software with a Mac operating system – it just doesn’t work.”

Then he says, “I may not have the answers to our economic problems, but I do know enough not to force-load a PC’s operating system onto an Apple computer.”

Butch, you’re right. You don’t have any answers. You also don’t understand how computers work. Someone should do you a favor and take away your computer before you cause harm to yourself or others.

Windows runs fine on a Mac. In fact, most will tell you that Windows runs better on a Mac – just ask Apple. Here’s a quote from their FAQ page:

“Can I really run Windows applications on my Mac?”

“Yes, you can. Since Apple’s transition to Intel processors in 2006, Windows applications run beautifully on the Mac.”

Every Mac sold since 2006 runs on the Intel chip – the Intel chip, the same chip that runs Windows software.

No, Butch, you’re wrong – again. PC software does work with the OS X/Mac platform. You can boot up Windows on a Mac natively. It’s built into OS X, using Boot Camp. You can also buy Fusion or Parallels – both allow for Windows to run on a Mac – no reboot needed.

Maybe you should take a computer class. While you’re at it, take a class on economics, science and our Constitution.

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