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Vail Daily letter: Bad bus experience

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Vail, CO Colorado

I was living in Eagle River Village when I first met Alejandro. Alejandro is a handicapped person in his 20s.

He uses ECO buses pretty often. He is trying to became an independent person, but unfortunately, he cannot move his hips by himself. He uses a thing helping him to walk, slowly. He may need someone’s help to get into the bus and also to get off.

Last week I used an ECO bus, and I asked the driver to use the equipment in the bus for Alejandro to get in. But he was all upset and told us he only will let Alejandro ride on the bus if one of us would help him get off.

I told him I can’t because I should get off the bus a couple of stops ahead.

And he said, “Well, this is not my responsibility,” and he denied service to him.

When I asked him for a second time to use the handicapped ramp, he answered, all upset, “Are you coming or not?”

It was around 10:30 p.m. in the Avon center. The next bus might arrive one hour later.

I’ll call ECO Transit to complain about this, but I really think someone has to do something.

So please, guys, this is not the first time they have treated this guy poorly. Please help him. Thank you very much!

Hayde Najera Avon

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