Vail Daily letter: Bad news for GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Bad news for GOP

Dr. Michael Schneider
Colorado 2012 Project
Vail, CO Colorado

How much bad news can Colorado Republicans take in one day? First Dick Wadhams announces that he is once again running for Colorado GOP chair and goes on about the great job he did in leading the GOP to “victory” last November. What he forgot to mention is that his lack of leadership and support for GOP candidates were responsible for the major GOP losses in that election. Rumor has it that, if and when John Thune announces his candidacy for the 2012 presidential campaign, Mr. Wadhams will drop the GOP chairmanship (if he should be re-elected) and cut and run to be Mr. Thune’s campaign manager. Wadhams is trying to cover all bases, and if Mr. Thune runs, we will be left holding the bag once again.

As if that wasn’t enough to tick off the grassroots contingent in Colorado, the next announcement of the day was that Thomas TankColorado was once again rejoining the Republican party. Awww Tommy … I thought we told you to stay in your media room and watch your John Wayne movies! Haven’t you done enough damage? Are you going to start railing against third parties again? On top of that Mr. T. now calls himself part of the “Grassroots” movement on his new radio show … ugh!

The good news is that since there are very few GOP bonus members because of Tancredo’s run, the counties will have more say in the election of the state chair. For example, Eagle County has as many votes as Denver County. Hopefully we can turn this corner and start working on 2012. They say bad news comes in threes … say it ain’t so!

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