Vail Daily letter: Bailey for Congress |

Vail Daily letter: Bailey for Congress

Jim Akin Vail
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to speak to all registered voters in Precinct 13, which is primarily all the homes between the East Vail exit and the West Vail exit, those who vote at the Donovan Pavilion.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, you will be asked to vote for the United States congressman for Colorado District 2, which includes the Vail Valley. If you are like me, fed up and frustrated with this out of control Congress, with this record breaking federal deficit, a staggering national debt, bailout after bailout and the effective nationalization of health care, then I encourage you to do something about it.

As a campaign volunteer, I would like to ask that you vote for the Republican candidate Stephen Bailey. Stephen Bailey is a military veteran, a family man and a businessman. Stephen is not a career politician, but he is a concerned citizen who has had enough, who has come forward with desire and determination to enact real change for constitutionally limited government, to end corruption, bailouts, deficit spending and to reduce taxes and regulation. Regardless of your party affiliation, if you too have had enough, I encourage you to stand up, get mad and help with the campaign to elect Stephen Bailey for U.S. Congress.

I am only one person, one voice, one vote, but if you will join me, we can make a difference. If you would like to assist me with campaigning for Stephen in Vail, please call 303-652-1575 for how you too can make a difference. At the very least, please vote for Stephen Bailey for United States Congressmen for District 2. Go to Thank you for your time and consideration.

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