Vail Daily letter: Bailey stands pat |

Vail Daily letter: Bailey stands pat

Paige Rodriguez
Louisville, CO Colorado

Incumbent Congressman Jared Polis’ latest attack ad mocks challenger Stephen Bailey for standing by his convictions and warning about Social Security’s fiscal instability.

Polis knows as well as anyone that Social Security in its current form is headed towards bankruptcy, and politicians like him do us a disservice by being disingenuous about this impending crisis – particularly given that the Social Security Administration will pay out more this year than it collects in payroll taxes.

Furthermore, while Stephen Bailey stands by his convictions, Jared Polis is running away from his own record of fiscal irresponsibility, including voting for nearly $3 trillion in deficit spending over the past two years. Is fiscal sanity really as “radical and extreme” as Polis’ distorting attack ad suggests, or do we need a change of leadership? Check out Stephen Bailey’s principles at

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