Vail Daily letter: Ban ‘bum’! |

Vail Daily letter: Ban ‘bum’!

Zak Stone
Edwards, CO Colorado

I request that the Vail Daily to stop using the term “ski bum” in reference to those of us who, drawn to the valley by skiing, have made a life here.

Friday, the Daily used the term in the headline referring to Pastor Tommy Schneider, and it immediately brought up the bad feelings of 10 years ago when the headline “Former ski bum opens bistro” was used in an otherwise nice article about me opening the French Press in Edwards.

I have never been able to hang that article on my wall or really show it to friends and family, as I considered that the term “bum” was less than glowing.

How about “long time local,” “local skier,” “skier who works very, very hard in order to remain here and ski”?

I don’t think the Daily would use the term “bum” in reference to a homeless person, as it is no longer PC nor perhaps ever was. The Daily is our local paper and should not think it’s “cute” to refer to its reader base as bums. Please write about us with a little more respect.

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