Vail Daily letter: Bang’lz rocks |

Vail Daily letter: Bang’lz rocks

Julie Berig
Vail, CO Colorado

Walking into the Bang’lz Salon takes one’s breath away at first sight. The feng shui red back and multi-colored walls, the eclectic mirrors and tool chest work carts, the all clean but well used space and, most enchanting, the authentic pre-John Wayne barber shampoo chair. (After John Wayne’s time, the barber chairs had ash trays added.)

Norman and Christopher, partners in Bang’lz Salon, have been serving the Avon community with their savvy hair care for seven years. With 28 years of experience between them, these professionals have chalked up multiple techniques of beautification and treatment styles for the men and women in Avon.

On a recovery trip from my mom’s recent passing, I was here to soak up the fresh mountain air, get some much needed rest and indulge in just as much needed rejuvenation and restoration of mind, body and spirit. Having the honor and privilege of caring for Mom with Dad’s help was wonderful, but draining. I was in desperate need of re-charging my personal battery.

Enjoying a leisurely walk through the downtown Avon area, I was noticing that right across from the post office was a string of interesting shops and vendors attached to the Sheraton. The Bang’lz Salon sign beckoned to my wind- and sun-burned hair. There was no denying the help my curly frazzled and frizzed locks needed.

Entering, I am cheerily greeted by Christopher, half-owner and operator of Bang’lz Salon. He is in the midst of touching up a lady’s highlighted and colored hair; she was going to Las Vegas the following weekend to attend a friend’s wedding.

Telling Christopher my sad need for my dry hair, he schedules me in to follow his current client. I decided to wait and am given an assessment of care while Christopher waits for his clients colors to “set.” He has prescribed a deep oil treatment followed with a glaze set to help my dryness. The results are immediate refreshed curls, softness and style! In a short time, Christopher accurately and astutely fixed my stressed couture, and I left feeling very pretty, and it did not stress my pocketbook, either. Thank You, Bang’lz Salon, Christopher and Norman. You rock!

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