Vail Daily letter: Before it’s too late |

Vail Daily letter: Before it’s too late

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding Bob Branden’s recent rather scattered parable “A Seat at the Table”: My letter to the Vail Daily a few weeks ago entitled “Faith in ourselves,” suggesting that it would be wise for human kind to take responsibility for its own actions before it is too late (stop praying and start bailing), appears to have had the intended effect of flushing out a number of the defenders of the indefensible.

Over millennia, where the medium in the Petri dish of human evolution has consisted of male dominance, illiteracy, ignorance, myths, denial and an overall lack of scientific knowledge, religion can be expected to thrive.

Funny, for even the vaunted Congress of the United States appears to be hedging its bets by having just reaffirmed the national motto of “In God We Trust,” but also by passing laws that require all of us to wear seat belts and to purchase health insurance.

Peter Bergh


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