Vail Daily letter: Benedict Buck! |

Vail Daily letter: Benedict Buck!

Dr. Michael Schneider Organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project
Vail, CO Colorado

What is worse than no endorsement is first endorsing a candidate and then withdrawing that endorsement. That is exactly what Ken “Benedict” Buck, the Republican candidate for U.S. senator, has done.

Buck had called me personally whining about the faux pas that he made when he called the tea partiers “dumbasses” while he did not know he was being recorded. He asked me to let the Vail Valley 9.12 Project know that he did not mean it and asked for forgiveness.

Buck beat Norton in the primary purely because we, the grassroots voters, supported him. He has now become part of the traditional machine and has done a most unfair and dastardly thing to Dan Maes, the Republican voters’ choice for governor.

Dan’s problems have been explained away to my and most grassroots folks’ satisfaction. Those who have jumped ship never understood the meaning of grassroots support.

I would never suggest that anyone vote or not vote for Buck or just leave the box empty. That is a personal decision. I do know that if he does get elected that I will work as hard to replace him in the next election cycle as I did to get him to beat Norton.

Now, about Dan Maes. This man won at the assembly and primary with no money or GOP support. Imagine that. How did he win?

He won because he traveled this state and worked his butt off to get his message out. Maes is the people’s candidate. Oh yes. He won because the people voted!

Tancredo can’t possibly be elected because his head is so big that it would never fit through the front door of the governor’s mansion.

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