Vail Daily letter: Best for Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Best for Avon

Brian Sipes
Vail, CO, Colorado

Let’s go back in time a decade. Back then, Avon didn’t have a gondola, didn’t have a Westin, didn’t have a street where you could see the park, didn’t have a bike path on the river or along the roads in Wildridge, didn’t have a cohesive business community, didn’t have good pedestrian connections and it wasn’t seen as a place that would ever amount to much by many of its citizens.

What it did have was a group of people with vision to see what the town could become who were willing to run for the Town Council. That tradition continues today, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for Rich Carroll, Todd Goulding, Dave Dantas and Chris Evans.

In 2002 when I was knocking on doors during my first run for council and asking people what they thought about the town, the No. 1 statement I heard was that the town was dead and that the Village at Avon would be our future.

I spoke to them about what I felt were the town’s assets: our view of Beaver Creek, the potential for a gondola link to the mountain, our park and lake in the center of town and our civic “heart.” We are unique among ski towns in that we have our town hall, recreation center, school and library grouped together right in the center of town next to our park. I felt then and still feel today that we just needed to capitalize on those assets and reduce the fragmented nature of our businesses and


Here we are now, eight years later, and the town is a very different place. Many of the connections we envisioned are now built and many others exist in plans we have made. I am confident that once the economy improves, we can complete Main Street and finally connect our civic heart and the park with the business


My time is up, but Rich, Todd, Dave and Chris have each proven they have the vision, strength and integrity to lead the town into the new decade.

Incumbent Rich Carroll has shown time and again that he is a voice of reason and collaboration. More than any of the rest of us, Rich always tries to bring out both sides of an issue. He brings a thoughtful, unique perspective in his service to the town that will serve it well through the tough times ahead.

Todd Goulding is currently the chairman of the town’s planning commission and has proven to be a visionary leader of that body. He is energetic, articulate and thoughtful and his background in development will help the town realize its un-built vision.

Incumbent Dave Dantas is about the nicest guy you will ever meet. Beyond that, Dave is smart, thoughtful and brings a small-business construction perspective to the council. Although Dave and I have sometimes voted on different sides of issues, I always learn from his perspective and we can explore our differing opinions amicably.

Chris Evans rounds out this stellar group of candidates. Chris was the chairman of our planning commission for 12 years. His commitment to the town is unquestionable, and it is not often you can vote for someone who is smart enough to be quite literally a rocket scientist.

Please join me on Tuesday and vote for Rich Carroll, Todd Goulding, Dave Dantas and Chris Evans and keep Avon looking toward its bright and exciting future!

Brian Sipes

Mayor Pro-Tem, Avon

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