Vail Daily letter: Best-qualified candidates |

Vail Daily letter: Best-qualified candidates

Fred Schmidt
Vail, CO, Colorado

Eye on Eagle advises the residents of Eagle to take this town election as seriously as the two previous ones, or perhaps more.

Do not make this a one-issue selection of candidates in which they are either for or against ERS as the sole criteria. A trustee’s term in office is four years, and there are many important issues and problems that will have a huge impact on our town over that time span.

Your choice will decidedly have huge impact on the successful abilities of the town to move forward or not over that time.

It is for that reason that Eye on Eagle will endorse Ed Woodland for mayor and Joe Knabel, Anne McKibbin and Jeremy Cossette for the three open Board of Trustee seats.

The reason is a rather simple one: These candidates are the best qualified because of their experience in town government and the most knowledgeable about Eagle’s affairs with other

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This year’s election has many unknowns referring to some candidates’ backgrounds and their views of where they truly stand on the issues.

As in the last two elections, Eagle continues to be in a difficult time with substantial economic and infrastructure needs and the need for employment opportunities for our residents.

The candidates above have that needed “hit the ground running” experience that other candidates do not have. Furthermore, they already have several specific proposals to bring jobs and solve other big problems facing our town.

Eagle needs to move forward, not stand still or go backward! There is an adage that advises, even if you’re on the right track, if you just sit there, you’ll get run over by a train! We feel this saying fits Eagle’s situation at this time.

At the recent candidate forum at HP’s Provisions, candidates I didn’t mention were surprisingly quiet, unspecific, and one was almost silent. My question, then, is why would candidates keep from voters who they are, what problems they have identified, and why and how they will affect a change during their term in office?

We question their passion and conviction in running as the leadership of our town. As mentioned, Eagle leaders must address the need for jobs for residents, development and business-land acquisition, all of which is tied directly to increasing the flow of revenue into the town.

Our economy must grow to reverse the downward trend on foreclosures and decreasing home values and to keep town fees from increasing


Join us in supporting Ed Woodland for mayor and Joe Knabel, Anne McKibbin and Jeremy Cossette for the three open Board of Trustee seats.

Fred Schmidt

Eye on Eagle

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