Vail Daily letter: Best we can do? |

Vail Daily letter: Best we can do?

Jim Cameron
Avon, CO Colorado

I can understand why people are disenchanted, frustrated and angry at government. However, not every single congressperson is guilty of incompetence or questionable morals and ethics.

It is disappointing that many citizens don’t take the time to determine which is which. Instead they pick up on a few key themes, and that determines their vote. It seems not to matter if their candidate has been found guilty of serious crimes in the past as long as the right buzzwords are in place.

Criminals have always had trouble finding employment because of their criminal records. That is until now. Politics has suddenly become the career of choice for ex-criminals and wingnuts.

A few months back, Sal Bommarito wrote in Valley Voices the qualities he would look for in a president. It was a very good list and demonstrated the recognition that we need our brightest and best to guide us in a complex and sometimes dangerous world.

Instead, we are asked to consider individuals with inferior intellect who have falsified their resumes in describing their education, war records, work experience, etc., and have criminal records that suggest very poor judgment, uncontrolled temper and lack of basic honesty (and yes, lack of basic Christian values if you want to put it in that context). Many of them have an intellectual capacity reminiscent of how Denverites describe the South Platte River – a mile wide and an inch deep.

Is this the best we can do? This is what the new party in the making, or at least the new movement, has to offer? And, according to the polls, this is the quality of candidate our angry population wants to vote into office. Collectively, these candidates believe that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and the minimum-wage law are unconstitutional. They also question the Civil Rights Act and the right of women to have an abortion resulting from incest or rape. They purport to speak for the common American citizen (i.e., the middle class). Really? The middle class (of which I am one) wishes to do away with the social programs and laws that allow us to live moderately successful lives in which we have some elements of control?

Yes, we do need a third party, but the tea party is not the party we need. While they profess to be sponsored by middle-class donors contributing $5, $10 or $20, they are being heavily financed by billionaires such as Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Wall Street Journal, etc.) and Texas oil barons such as the Kock brothers, Robert Rowling and Trevor Rees-Jones, among others. What do these people have in common with the middle class?

Preserving the Bush tax cuts is high on their list of priorities. If you are unemployed and have run out of unemployment benefits (which, according to tea party candidates, you never should have received to begin with), you probably don’t have any income to be taxed. And if you are still receiving unemployment benefits, incremental tax rates on your minimal income are probably not high on your list of important topics.

Thanks to activist Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and his activist cronies Alito, Scalia and Thomas, corporations with vague names such as Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Job Security can now spend unlimited dollars running attack ads against candidates who don’t support their donors objectives.

Worse, if the corporations are registered as nonprofit, we don’t even know who these donors are, including foreign donors. What we do know is that almost every state is experiencing in-flows of huge amounts of money from out-of-state interests running attack ads on state candidates. Just one more of a thousand reasons we need campaign finance reform.

The party we need would truly represent

the middle class and not be reliant on big-money interests for sponsorship or be indebted to

the established GOP or Democratic party machineries.

I suspect that many tea party faithful and other like-minded conservatives do not understand that their “revolution” has been usurped and perhaps even invented by those of extreme wealth who want you to do their bidding under the pretense that you are serving your own interests.

No, the candidates of the new party that will survive and eventually thrive will be intelligent and humble yet assertive and have a drive to “raise all ships.”

Giving increasing amounts of our nation’s wealth to the top few percentage of the wealthiest in hopes that some of it might trickle down to the rest of us is a farce.

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