Vail Daily letter: Better food at school |

Vail Daily letter: Better food at school

Jodi Link
Vail, CO, Colorado

Last week I visited the lush and beautiful town of Hotchkiss. Although I’ve been several times, this visit was unique. Its sole purpose was to meet with a team of women who are passionate about local and organic becoming a part of Colorado schools.

It’s pretty easy to eat locally in Hotchkiss. Each turn leads you to a new farm and thus a farmer. I wanted to stop every 30 seconds to eat straight from the vine and bust into song – “The hills are alive … ”

Since January, I’ve been visiting schools across Colorado to see what they have to serve to our children. In my travels, I’ve stumbled across many inspiring school lunch programs and some that lack inspiration.

I’m very impressed with the administrators who are putting in extra time and elbow grease using their current budget to make sure Colorado’s youth eat healthier.

I’ve joined a group of parents and community members in Eagle County who are working with school administrators to make a change in our district.

If you are interested in helping with this change, please contact You don’t have to be a parent to help, just someone who wants to see local farmers and the local economy thrive.

Youth in Colorado eat fresh, local products. Hope to hear from you soon.

Jodi Link


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