Vail Daily letter: Biased commentary |

Vail Daily letter: Biased commentary

Karl Berger
Wolcott, CO Colorado
Vail, CO Colorado

Hello Don,

I have purposefully been staying clear of remarks and letters in your paper as a general rule lately, at the request of my wife. Why expose myself to the abuse of the political mindset from people that are newcomers here, most from back east somewhere, while my conservative values stem from my family’s seven generations in Colorado. We true pioneer families are used to the conservative values of self-reliance, personal responsibility and originally came here 150 years ago to escape government intervention in our lives. What a concept, eh?

I must break this promise to my wife, to point out to you your recent blather about Al White. I will quote you verbatim.

“White is one of those intellectual conservatives who have stayed relatively free of obnoxious and distruptive parisanship … .”

Let’s see, tea party members gatherings – violence free, damage free, drug and alchohol free, permitted rallies. Liberal gatherings – burn cars, throw projectiles, burn the flag, torch a fattie and get arrested. Which is more obnoxious and disruptive?

Your liberal bias is more than exposed – it is blazingingly evident. Had you said he was one of those intellectual politicians, you would have been much more accurate and un-biased, however, as usual, you just can’t pass up a dig on conservatives. This is all good and well, but you have a responsibility to promote bias-free news and commentary.

How about you clean up your act, and dish up some decent and honest reporting, Don.

It would be appreciated a lot by not only myself, but also half the population of Eagle County.

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