Vail Daily letter: Biden is a class act |

Vail Daily letter: Biden is a class act

Susan Joffe
Dayton, OH Ohio

I have been a second-home owner here in Beaver Creek for the past 15 years. I wanted to comment on my surprise encounter with Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday.

I was shopping in Beaver Creek at Michelle’s Antiques located at the top of the escalator. The store is owned by a lovely family from Austin. Their 11-year-old daughter was hoping to have a chance to interview VP Biden for her school paper. She had a list of prepared questions just in case she was lucky.

Well, she was. VP Biden, along with an entourage of Secret Service, finished skiing and was gathered outside the shop. The young girl took her chance and asked Mr. Biden if he would answer a few questions. To my great surprise, he followed her into the shop alone except for one Secret Service agent.

He was very engaged and relaxed and patiently answered her prepared questions. This included who he wanted to win the Super Bowl. He picked the Saints because his daughter had gone to school there. He talked about his family and their love of skiing. There were no cameras present (except for the proud father and my cell phone). There was no prepared “photo op.” He spent at least 10 minutes casually talking to these bright young girls. He even joked that NBC doesn’t get this much time.

This was an unforgettable moment for these girls and their family. I was thrilled to be a lucky bystander. I did not vote for Mr. Biden, however, I wanted to give him credit for the unbelievably gracious attention and interest he displayed totally “off camera.”

I hope he will return to our beautiful resort in the future.

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