Vail Daily letter: Biden out of touch |

Vail Daily letter: Biden out of touch

Michael Welle
Avon, CO Colorado

As I stand outside on a beautiful afternoon in the heart of Avon, Colorado, I notice a large group of emergency vehicles converging on the main drag of town. The fire marshal has blocked traffic on East Beaver Creek Boulevard as Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies scream by with lights flashing, obviously racing towards some dire emergency. Traffic is building up on every side street in view and off in the distance. Highway 6 looks like the New Jersey Turnpike during rush hour. As I view the situation before me I cannot help but to be concerned. What could be the cause of this mounting chaos? Some terrible accident? Perhaps the local bank is being held up? Some sort of terrorist attack in our little mountain haven? God forbid. My concern grows.

I venture out towards the array of flashing lights in search of some possible answers. Maybe I could help perform my civic duty and be of some assistance in someone else’s time of need. Walking past the growing number of vehicles, I cannot help but notice the frustration and concern painted on the faces of my fellow citizens. What could possibly be happening in our small snow globe of existence? As I approach the closest of our fine emergency responders I am halted in my path. “Sorry sir, but no one is allowed to come through here right now,” says the man in uniform. “What’s going on here?” I implore, bracing myself for some sort of horrible explanation. “Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade will be coming through here shortly,” he replies. Stunned, I turn around and walk the other way with his answer pin-balling around inside of my head like a ricocheting bullet.

To try and make sense of the past 15 minutes, I make a mental checklist of what had just gone down: One, seemingly every member of the emergency personal in the community and beyond had been dispatched throughout the town. Two, traffic was stopped in every direction for who knows how far out for at least 15 minutes. Three, even those looking to cross the street on their own two feet were turned back towards where they came from. Before I could finish this list I turn around to watch the spectacle unfolding in front of me. One large, glossy SUV roars by with all lights flashing, followed by another and another and another. This seemingly endless train is finally capped off by an ambulance taking up the rear. A few minutes after the last of the lights moves out of sight, life slowly returns to normal.

My problem with all this does not lie in the overindulgent protection provided for our vice president, as I fully understand the necessity of such protection. He, being the second in command of the most powerful country in the world, surely needs some backup in his day-to-day life. Lord knows how many crazies are out there with itchy trigger fingers just waiting for an opportunity.

My problem lies with the fact that Mr. Biden has just spent the past week indulging in the splendor that is Beaver Creek Ski Resort; possibly the most luxurious ski resort in the country. Last I checked, we are living in country that is in dire financial straits, a country that just today had its stock market drop below 10,000 points for the first time in three months, a country with an unemployment rate that is growing by the day. Houses are being foreclosed on left and right, putting hard-working families out onto the street. There seems to be no end in sight and no promise of relief for the many millions that are struggling.

And, let’s be fair, Biden is not the only that seems to be completely out of touch with this country’s reality. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is also guilty of reckless spending of our tax dollars and has repeatedly gotten away with it. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Pelosi has racked up $2.1 million dollars of taxpayer money for her private flights and parties. We are living in a country that cannot sustain any more lavish personal spending of our tax dollars by our so-called “leaders.” Our elected officials should be doing the jobs they are being paid to do by working on responsible ways to get this great country out of the frightening situation we’re in.

They should be spending their time working together on positive solutions, not taking overindulgent vacations that they then expect us to pay for. It is bad enough that I have to cringe every time I open my pay stub to see how much of my hard-earned money is being taken away by the government, but an even tougher pill to swallow is seeing firsthand how irresponsibly that money is being spent. I have to be fiscally responsible to ensure that I still have my health, food on my table, and a roof over my head.

So, what makes them think that they should be held to different standards? Perhaps it is that for too long, we the people of this great nation have turned a blind eye to what our elected officials have been doing. We have been programmed to trust every decision that these people make, whether good or bad, because of its apparent best interest in our well being. “Do as I say, not as I do” seems to be the mantra that has been pounded in to our heads for far too long.

Maybe it’s time that we question these decisions and demand accountability from our “trusted” officials before we reach the point of no recovery; which, if you have been paying attention, is a very real and very scary possibility. The time is now; not next month, not next term or next election – now. We need to do this before it’s too late, before our future children have to grow up in a country that is but a sad shadow of its former self, before we have nothing left, because they will continue to rob us of every hard-earned dollar we make. Now, America, is the time to wake the hell up and ask some questions.

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