Vail Daily letter: Big Brother |

Vail Daily letter: Big Brother

Sara Fisher’s recent comment “… it’s also time to look into regulations about growing marijuana for personal use” is simply another illustration of how government (at all levels) intrudes into our personal lives, infringes upon privacy, and seeks to control individual and private activities even within the home and garden.

The usage of the word “personal” by Ms. Fisher offended my sensitivities, since what one raises for his own consumption is a private matter.

Regulating the public’s consumption of this plant by way of ordinances, statutes or policy rules covering the likes of dispensaries, medical clinics and pharmaceuticals is one thing, since that would fall with the overly broad swipe of the police power — you know, allegedly to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Likewise, the regulation and control of alcohol (a legal but dangerous drug) for the public would be sanctioned by the police powers, but when invasion into the private lives of families to ferret out offenders or criminal activity within the sanctity of the home for fabricated reasons, such as to prevent teenage drinking, abetting to the delinquency of minors, child abuse and so on, this would be tantamount to an abuse of the police power, and abridgement of civil rights. Regulating alcohol consumption on the public highways, byways or other public places is a legitimate and necessary application of the police powers.

Do public officials understand the limits of the police power they seek to wield? Can they distinguish between an individual’s private and civil rights versus a license, privilege or what’s reasonably permitted by an authority in the public interest?

My answer to those questions would be a resounding no!

On the federal level, is the violation of an individual’s most private parts justified by some TSA bureaucrat’s policy decision on how to fight terrorism? Must Americans suffer such humiliation and molestation in order to avail themselves of their right to travel the airways for which they are excessively taxed? Contrary to the TSA pronouncement that flying is a privilege bestowed by the government, it is a right if we still opt for liberty.

Who in government envisions such perverse and immoral conduct by officials? These TSA regulations are the work of pedofiles, sexual deviants and perverts in general. So who would sanction like activity on the part of governmental authorities (TSA personnel)? I submit that these policies are simply a reflection of the immorality, hypocrisy and overreach of the government itself, and not that of the American people.

This abuse by the federal government is simply incomprehensible. It is Orwellian!

Do public officials and elected representatives understand or comprehend the limitations placed upon their authority by the Constitution of the United States?

Where is it provided therein that Americans must purchase a product or service such as health insurance? It doesn’t!

Where does the Constitution prescribe that Americans must invest in a pension plan based upon a Ponzi scheme commonly known as Social Security. It doesn’t!

Where does the Constitution authorize and entrust our financial well-being to a private consortiumthat not only issues our currency, charges us for such service, but enriches a select group of bankers, while beggaring the rest of us. The Federal Reserve invades the privacy of our homes and denigrates the prosperity of each one of us.

Need I even comment about the former president’s so called “Patriot Act” that disenfranchises every American’s constitutional right against warrantless invasions of home privacy or interdiction of private communications via the telephonic or Internet media? It appears that the present administration is bent on continuing that unconstitutional act, to the continued detriment of the American citizenry.

Does not the Constitution prohibit warrantless searches or arrests on the part of all governmental authority?

Where in the Constitution is the empowerment given to the Internal Revenue Service to lien and confiscate the assets of Americans without notice or a prior hearing contrary to the provisions of the due process clause? There is no such authority given.

These are but a few of the excesses perpetrated by the authorities at all levels of government and will continue to expand where there is a complacent population that values security, safety, welfare and comfort over freedom, morality, integrity, individuality or privacy.

Were we more covetous of our constitutional or God-given rights, we would rebel. We would remonstrate or as a last resort, we would avail ourselves of the facilities of the 2nd Amendment under the Constitution.

So, in parting, I admonish all authorities, including Ms. Fisher, to heed the recent admonishment of that young man (John Tyner) at the airport security gate: “Don’t touch my junk.”

Fredric Butler

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