Vail Daily letter: Biggest losers |

Vail Daily letter: Biggest losers

Jim McMichael
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was compelled to write this after almost getting physically ill reading the absurd column by Paul Kulas on Nov. 9. His diatribe is written like a true partisan and as a self-acknowledged high school dropout. It reflects his complete misunderstanding of just about every issue he commented on.

First of all, in the recent election, the biggest losers were not Mitt Romney and Republicans but the venerable USA and the truth.

We had an opportunity to elect a truly honorable and decent man, who could have used his considerable talents to save our sinking economy. Thanks to a historic and unbelievably dishonest and despicable smear campaign by David Axelrod and his cronies, we’ve lost this opportunity.

Instead, a man who has amply demonstrated his lack of leadership, questionable integrity and inability to fix our economy was rehired for four more years.

Inevitably, all of the issues that Romney campaigned on will come home to roost. Our national debt will grow exponentially, unemployment will likely increase, our military will get weaker as our adversaries get stronger, and we will be increasingly hated abroad.

Just under half of this nation wanted Obama removed from office, and while this did not happen in this election, there are legions of good and decent men and women who know the score and feel like we’ve just been hustled in this election by a group of unscrupulous bottom feeders.

Kulas seems incapable of comprehending that while this country may be changing demographically, the values and principles that made it great in previous generations are eroding, and sadly we are now a country in rapid decline.

As H.L. Mencken so artfully put it: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.” Well, regrettably, we will all now have to live with the results of this election and it’s not going to be pretty.

Obama was a failure and he’s just been given another chance to fail some more at our collective expense. The only difference is that this time half the nation already has his number and the other half still foolishly think this guy is something he’s not.

Throughout history, most of the great nation states have eventually collapsed from within due to many of the very things being pushed now by the liberals in this country. The recent election has just hastened our demise.

Sadly, it won’t be until we’re overrun from outsiders or our system collapses from the weight of too many parasites and not enough producers that fools like Kulas will wake up.

Jim McMichael


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