Vail Daily letter: Bikes belong on paths |

Vail Daily letter: Bikes belong on paths

Ken Wilson
Vail, CO, Colorado

This letter is in response to Dominique Mohrman and Frank Mitchell’s comments on July 14 about bicycle safety. I cannot believe citizens, much less business owners, would make such statements. It is OK for people to lose their jobs, insurance, homes and everything else dear to life so cyclists can ride any place they would like? I wonder if these business owners pay their customers’ bills that are out of work.

It has been said before, but I will say it again. There is no test to prove cyclists know how to ride a bike. There is no test to prove they know the traffic laws like motorists have to take. There is no license or insurance required to ride on state or county roads. They pay nothing to use these roads.

Why anyone would want compete with 80,000-pound trucks is beyond me. I have seen moms and dads pulling their babies behind them on these highways.

I am not sure how smart you have to be to do this. I wonder if this would be child abuse if they are injured or killed.

If a bike path is available and cyclists refuse to use it, they should be fined $100. No trial, no hearing. Just mail your fine to the Department of Transportation to build more bike paths. I can’t understand why the motoring public has not demanded these ludicrous laws be rescinded.

Ken Wilson


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