Vail Daily letter: ‘Birthers’ and other such nonsense |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Birthers’ and other such nonsense

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would begin this letter by paraphrasing Ms. Leona Hemmerich: I felt compelled to respond to some of her inane statements.

First, I did not say that “only the conservatives were concerned about the administration’s agenda.” I merely said that certain extreme conservatives had not shown any respect for the results of our election, which was conducted in accordance with our Constitution.

Second, while I said that the “birther” stuff was nonsense, you have obviously chosen to cast doubts regarding the legitimacy of Mr., Obama’s citizenship. Well, his mother was a United States citizen and he was born in Hawaii. If you’re interested, you can use Google, select “Snopes” and see his birth certificate and read lots of other supporting data.

You further state that because he went to school in Indonesia, he would have had to become a citizen of that country. I’m sorry, but you’re dead wrong about that! Our students study all over the world and many foreign students attend universities here. There is no change of citizenship required.

Third, you next claim that I “show a lack of knowledge” regarding the election of Scott Brown. I never even mentioned Mr. Brown’s election. However, if you’re interested, I wish him well.

Fourth, I didn’t understand the symbolism regarding “learning to fish,” but it’s perfectly OK with me if everyone does learn to fish.

Fifth, you say that we “don’t need government-run health care or any other government-run program.” Would you put an end to Medicare and Social Security? Would you have various war lords run the armed forces and perhaps our Homeland Security agency? Who would you put in charge of veterans affairs? Did you consider the construction of highways and bridges, or the inspection of water, air, food and drugs? Surely you jest!

David Le Vine

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