Vail Daily letter: Bizarre news in Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Bizarre news in Eagle

Markus Mueller
Vail, CO, Colorado

I just read the “Eagle River Station developer bids on Gypsum’s Tower Center” article. This is the second bizarre news in Eagle in a week, after we heard rumors that City Market wants to leave town.

Why would RED Development buy the Tower Center in Gypsum when they mentioned for years that they need an exit from I-70?

My guess is that these are wild scare tactics to the voters of Eagle: “Approve the ERS project or the world goes under.”

The Tower Center (339 single- and multi-family residential with 464,044 square feet of retail and commercial) is more proof that big commercial real estate projects don’t go well in Eagle County these days. The Tower Center was approved already by the town of Gypsum, but nobody built it, so now the whole plan went to auction.

If there is one thing to learn from this: Once Eagle River Station is approved by the Eagle voters, it might be that this will happen in Eagle too.

Markus Mueller


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