Vail Daily letter: Blame game |

Vail Daily letter: Blame game

William Pintzow
Vail, CO, Colorado

Your cartoon on top of Dick Gustafson’s recent letter said it all: “I want big government out of my life right after they deliver my federal disaster relief.”

Mr. Gustafson certainly didn’t confuse the issues with the facts in all his paranoid delusions against Obama, climate change, socialism, the vice president, big government, lowering taxes to stimulate the economy, etc.

If anyone needed to be impeached, it was George W. Bush, whose wonderful decisions turned this great country into the mess it’s in today.

When 9-11 struck, America had the world behind it. We had defeated the Taliban in three weeks. Then, Bush, with Cheney as his alter ego and manipulator, diverted and lied us into the stupidity of the Iraq war.

Obama inherited this manure pile and the recession which was caused by Bush’s tax cuts ($1.7 trillion), the Iraq war and the mortgage mess. Few are the presidents who have been handed such a catastrophe to sort out upon taking office.

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I don’t think Obama is placating our enemies by killing bin Ladin and getting Gadhafi on the run.

Mr. Gustafson calls global warming a hoax, but 90-plus percent of the scientists – plus the record high temperatures, melting glaciers and ice caps, tornados and hurricanes – disagree.

Mr. Gustafson harps on the government telling us what to eat, so I say him bon appetite to his ground turkey sandwiches, since 50 million pounds of it were found contaminated with salmonella by the FDA.

Spending has to be cut but the mantra that tax cuts cause economic recovery isn’t borne out by history. Note Bush’s tax cuts and recession.

Gustafson also blamed Obama for our lowered credit rating, but Standard and Poor said it was caused by the brinkmanship played by the Republicans on the debt limit debate. Funny thing that he didn’t mention that Obama saved General Motors and about a million jobs from bankruptcy.

The socialism that Gustafson decries – such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, post office, FDA, FAA, etc. – has been with us for about 70 years, and the great majority of Americans would not want to do without it.

We and all of our Western allies have governments that are combinations of capitalism and socialism, and there is nothing wrong with that. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and they have to be properly monitored.

Seventy Republican congressman voted against Obama’s stimulus bill, but most of them rushed for the photo ops and took credit for the local projects and jobs in their districts.

The problem with Obama was that he was not tough enough to deal forcefully enough with that kind of hypocrisy.

The writer of that slanted, rightwing letter calling for Obama’s impeachment should realize that his president is smarter than he is, more intelligent, better dressed and black, so live with it.

William Pintzow


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