Vail Daily letter: Blessed to know her |

Vail Daily letter: Blessed to know her

Ranch women are one of a kind.

Recently I spoke of my long time friendship and respect for Aileen Ross, and I can’t believe another of my dear friends, Dana Rule-Reimler, has passed.

What is now Castle Peak Estates outside of Eagle was truly an estate in the real meaning. Many years ago it was the Rule Ranch, known as one of the best cow-calf operations and one of the longest ranching efforts on the Eagle River.

Dan Rule and his family did it right. They were honest, upright members of the community, with multiple generations making it work, and I am so proud to have called Dana, Dan’s daughter, a close friend.

Our connection was horses.

It was as though we found lost children when we discovered our two favorite riding horses were probably long lost relatives, the product of a good Eagle Ranch stallion running free for a summer on Castle Peak. But the two horses were a bond for us.

I was in awe of her way of getting on her horse. It was half Tonto swinging into the saddle, and the horse never knew what hit him. She was an incredible horsewoman.

I will never forget coming to the Rule Ranch to find Dana catching sheep out of a pen for her son’s 4-H project. Her hair was perfect, she was beautiful with her regular make-up, and she was wearing a pristeen white shirt! I have always wondered how she accomplished that.

But that was just Dana. Her home was impecable as well, and she took such pride in being homemaker, mother and rancher all at the same time. And she would always send me home with something she had canned or preserved.

It was such a loss to our valley when Dana and her family decided to move on to serious ranching in Wyoming. They traded acreage here for thousands there. And while they were miles from anyone, Dana loved the pureness of their lives there.

They were some of the best of the last ranchers here, and I consider myself so blessed to have known Dana and all of her family, and I send my deepest condolences to each of them. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

Rosie Shearwood


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