Vail Daily letter: Blow to exploitation |

Vail Daily letter: Blow to exploitation

Justin Barnett
Vail, CO, Colorado

Many thanks to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who recently stood up for our nation’s wildlife and wild places by voting against a fiscally irresponsible plan to fund the Transportation Bill with highly speculative revenue from opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain and some of our most sensitive coastal waters to oil and gas drilling.

Sadly, the plan that will open the refuge and our coasts to exploitation by the oil companies still managed to pass the House of Representatives, even though any revenue that might come from production in the Arctic would not be seen for at least 10 years.

If this bill is not stopped, all 1.5 million acres of the biologically rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain, and almost every acre of our coasts including along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, protected areas of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s Bristol Bay, will be open for drilling.

Rep. Polis must continue to stand against this fiscally and environmentally irresponsible bill.

Justin Barnett


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