Vail Daily letter: Bottom line change: firing the Obama voters |

Vail Daily letter: Bottom line change: firing the Obama voters

Karl Berger
Vail, CO, Colorado

It seems that just a few days ago, we were looking over the edge into the abyss. Jobs were still nowhere to be found, economy still stagnant, and Moody’s warned that our national credit rating was in jeopardy of being downgraded to AA instead of AAA, causing rampant inflation.

Warren Buffet has moved all of Berkshire’s cash holdings into blue chip stocks and even bought a railroad, Burlington Northern, just a few weeks ago, all to dispose of cash, rightfully predicting impending inflation.

Meanwhile, peering over the edge, along comes our president and Congress with a swift kick in the butt to send us right over the edge.

One hundred and fifty nine new regulatory agencies, massive regulations and taxes on small businesses like mine, the very job engines that supply economic growth and employment to America.

So, what is a small-business person to do? I have a suggestion for everyone that owns a small business, something I am implementing immediately.

I will have to further reduce my work force to accommodate Washington’s new mandates, by about 45 percent. I receive income for my business by a competitive bid process, so I must further reduce my costs to lower my bids. Simple.

So, in that light, I am laying off all my employees who supported Barack Obama, about half my staff. They voted for change and I am giving it to them, and I hope they realize that while they will have no income, my new taxes will help pay their health care.

And when people cry, “You can’t do that,” I will quote another campaign slogan just for you: “Yes we can.”

Karl Berger


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