Vail Daily letter: Branch out with marketing, Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Branch out with marketing, Vail

John Cullen
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am also a homeowner and agree with Beth Slifer and Jon Liebman’s recent letters in the paper. I moved from Los Angeles to Vail and lived here full time for five years. I still have a home here, although now I divide my time between here and Minneapolis.

I agree with Mr. Liebman’s comments about ignoring the entertainment industry and southern California in general. It is almost as if inviting celebrities is some sort of sellout.

With over 5,000 skiable acres and construction everywhere, Vail is not a small resort anymore. The slogan “Like No Place on Earth” should not be confused with “The Only Place on Earth.” “Where should we go skiing?” and “Where should we go on vacation?” are choices people have.

We compete with Hawaii and Disneyland. Brand loyalty is important and so is keeping Vail in people’s minds. Celebrities in “People” magazine or on “Entertainment Tonight” having fun and vacationing in Vail is good advertising. If the tourism is up, the whole valley prospers.

John Cullen

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