Vail Daily letter: Breathtaking experience |

Vail Daily letter: Breathtaking experience

Emma Domich
Denver, CO Colorado

Hello. My name is Emma Domich. I am 11 years old and I would love to have my article in the paper. I want to be a writer. I love Vail, and I would love this experience to share my experiences:

I look up and see the snow falling down. It looks like a bunch of dust falling off a shelf of unwanted toys. I am pretty confused. I am sure I am in Narnia or Winter Wonderland. I might possibly be in heaven. I look around and see a bunch of aspen trees. Some of the trees have carved letters, names, symbols and hearts. Those represent the wonderful time people have had. I want something to capture the moment. I forgot my camera but after thinking about it, I realized that all you need are the memories.

Coming up and skiing every week in Vail, I get to enjoy the wonderful feeling you get when you ski. When you ski straight down, your stomach leaps. When you are skiing runs like Highline (a challenging bump run) it is your legs that are burning. I still love it all – the tree runs and the long bump obstacles. I have decided I will live in Vail some day. I am sure you can’t have the same experience anywhere else.

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