Vail Daily letter: Brilliant idea |

Vail Daily letter: Brilliant idea

Victoria Mohr MD, FACOG
Vail, CO Colorado

Re: Spring Festivus (Linda Stamper Boyne column, Thursday’s Vail Daily): I love it!

Although I don’t work in traditional guest services anymore, I did between college and medical school and remember it fondly. Now, as a single obstetrician/gynecologist, I volunteer to work those same holidays so my colleagues with families can celebrate them traditionally. It’s not a stretch really, as I already had a fondness for the camaraderie I found working long hours on holidays in the service industry.

My other role now is that of hostess in my own home. Living in Vail and clearly enjoying the guest services lifestyle as I’ve done since I was old enough to pack up my car and move to a ski town, I hostess guests all winter long. Love it as I do, it’s time for “Spring Festivus”

So I propose we open the holiday to all who love this community and everything that comes with it. And who knows, after a week of glorious solitude, I may even be up for hostessing – that is, if you’re willing to share your tiara.

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