Vail Daily letter: Bring back the late bus |

Vail Daily letter: Bring back the late bus

Sarah Whitmore
Vail, CO, Colorado

Can we please address the decision of the Eagle County Transit officials to stop bus service at midnight? I accept that cutbacks are needed in this economic climate and that as a result, fares have gone up.

However, for the late night crowd of partying locals and vacationers alike, the bus is the best way to get home after drinking at bars and restaurants.

The exorbitant cost of a taxis in the valley makes a trip from Vail to Eagle-Vail cost $40 easily. Factor in the amount of money being spent at these late hours: Ia€™m sure helpful to the hospitality workers and owners of local establishments. And most importantly, after a night of drinking and poor decision-making abilities, Ia€™m sure our community does not want more drunk drivers on our roads. Why not run two more buses at 1a.m. and 2a.m. to provide our community this service?

Sarah Whitmore


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