Vail Daily letter: Buck for Senate |

Vail Daily letter: Buck for Senate

Ali HasanVail, CO, Colorado

As a lifelong Republican who was born and raised here in Colorado, I am deeply proud to endorse Ken Buck for U.S. Senate and I encourage all Coloradans to vote for him.My vote is based on two motivations: a voice for rural America and a need for fiscal conservatism. As a boy who grew up on our Western Slope in Eagle County, I feel it imperative that we send a rural voice to our U.S. Senate. Colorado’s three biggest economic forces are agriculture, energy, and tourism, all industries that are only found in our rural areas, ultimately proving that Denver is dependent on the western and eastern slopes, the San Luis Valley, and the eastern plains, not the inverse. Unfortunately, with severance taxes being diverted to Denver and talks to relocate Union Pacific rail tracks to our eastern plains, our rural areas have never been under greater attack. Being from a rural area and campaigning in every county, Ken Buck has demonstrated a sensitivity to our rural areas that will be needed in order to preserve the heritage of our West.Secondly, in running for state treasurer, I was proud to gain the endorsement of Douglas Bruce, as well as promoting the need for our state to divest from bailouts. In doing so, I stand proudly with Bruce and Jon Caldara in becoming one of Colorado’s strongest fiscal conservatives. With that said, unlike Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, Ken Buck did not support Referendums C & D. More importantly, if we are to defeat the Democrats, we must do it with a candidate who doesn’t have to defend or apologize for Referendums C & D. While Lt Gov. Norton is quick to call for the repeal of Obamacare and the abolishment of governmental departments, such promises seem insincere without an apology for supporting Referendums C & D? After all, Norton’s current defense of C & D, coupled with her personal declarations of being a conservative, calls to question her ability to judge the difference between fiscal conservatism and fiscal liberalism. Let it be known that it was not the request of additional monies that made Referendum C an awful law, but rather the fact that this request had no specified appropriations or requested monetary amount, ultimately becoming the biggest tax increase in Colorado’s history, with no accountability attached. In turn, from a viewpoint of strategy and principle, Ken Buck is the best choice.Lastly, in traveling the campaign trail, I’ve gotten to know Ken and Perry Buck very well. They are genuine people who love Colorado and truly want to represent Colorado well in the Senate. Overall, I couldn’t think of a better person to support. I’m proud to support Ken Buck for U.S. Senate and I ask all to vote for him! Please feel free to email me with any questions, as I’m always happy to vouch for Ken Buck.Ali Hasan

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