Vail Daily letter: Bumgarner for mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Bumgarner for mayor

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I’ve never submitted a letter to the editor in my life. So, why now? Well, simply because Jerry Bumgarner is running for mayor of Minturn, and I’m compelled to let the voters of Minturn hear from someone who has known him for years and who respects and admires him.

First, Jerry is one fine American. Serving our country as a Marine, Jerry has seen combat and experienced the military, which shapes strong men and women giving them attributes and skills that serve them throughout life. I know firsthand the sacrifices Jerry made as a soldier because my son, a West Point graduate and Army captain, did two tours of duty in Iraq and served our country.

Second, Jerry exemplifies the motto “Duty, Honor, Country.” He has served on the Town Council of Minturn and has worked tirelessly to bring growth to the bustling town, while preserving the character, charm and history that so many residents and visitors love and cherish.

Jerry is a leader who leads with conviction and conscience. He absorbs others’ opinions and viewpoints working to reach plausible compromises on issues facing government. He is approachable. He works for the common good.

However, on the other hand, Jerry can, does and will make the difficult and not-so-popular decisions that come with leadership and that rest only on the shoulders of a committed leader.

It goes without saying that Jerry’s integrity is impeccable. He is honest regardless of the circumstances that prevail or the situation in which he is involved. Sometimes honesty is not regarded as welcome. People oftentimes do not want to hear what conflicts with their paradigm(s). But Jerry will not stray from the path of truth.

Yes, Jerry can see the gray areas in situations that occur in government (and life). Nonetheless, he will steadfastly err on the side of candor and respect for his position and the good of all, whether personal or professional.

Jerry Bumgarner lives the life of the hallowed West Point honor code, “A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.” Simple and direct yet terribly tough, this honor code presents standards to live by and by which to serve. While these values have been compromised, negotiated and diluted by many public servants, this will not happen when Jerry Bumgarner is elected mayor of Minturn.

I’m very proud to have written my first letter to the editor of a newspaper. As a full-time resident of South Carolina and as a homeowner and part-time resident in the Vail Valley, I do have a vested interest in what happens in Minturn and where/how this distinctive Bohemian, eclectic and jewel of a town will evolve in the next few years.

Under Jerry Bumgarner’s leadership, I know Minturn is in strong, capable hands.

Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips

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