Vail Daily letter: Bumgarner for Minturn mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Bumgarner for Minturn mayor

Susan Bumgarner
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Tuesday, Minturn will hold its mayoral election. One of the names on the ballot is Jerry Bumgarner, a name that many in the town of Minturn will easily recognize.

Most folks simply call him J.B.; I call him Dad. My father has been an active community member of Minturn since he moved to the town in 1998.

Prior to moving to Minturn, my dad owned and operated several barbecue restaurants in South Carolina. Among running the restaurants, my dad felt a civic duty to take an active role in his community, and so he quickly became part of the Chamber of Commerce as well as taking part in various community causes such as the American Cancer Society and donating J.B.’s signature barbecue sauce to troops in the Persian Gulf.

My father saw the value in giving back to his community and participated with the local high school to train and assist several special-needs students with the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.

Besides these students were countless other high school and college students who benefited from my father’s employment, enabling them to pursue both studies and athletics while at the same time being able to maintain flexible hours and a steady paycheck.

This giving-back attitude followed him to Minturn, where he opened up JB’s BBQ and began contributing to his newfound community.

My father has served on the Minturn Town Council for the past eight years, and this position has allowed him to emerge as both a respected community leader and a well-trained mediator on both political and community issues.

He has sought to serve the town of Minturn with the town’s best interests first and has pushed for actions that have helped the town grow and meet the needs of its residents. My father’s experience on the Town Council has exposed him to the turmoil and strife of politics and civic squabbles, and yet this has only strengthened his resolve to best help his community.

Of course, I say this in all bias as his only daughter, and yet I can also say it with complete conviction! Jerry Bumgarner will lead the town and people of Minturn in the right direction. Vote for J.B. on Tuesday.

Susan Bumgarner

Greenville, S.C.

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