Vail Daily letter: But no train’s coming |

Vail Daily letter: But no train’s coming

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Being from California, I’m well versed in the ridiculously absurd.

However, while visiting the Edwards area recently, I had the opportunity to learn something new about absurdity in the form of wasted resources, by way of your local constabulary.

After a number of observations at your railroad crossing stop sign, seeing an enforcement officer planted on the sidewalk right next to the crossing, I started asking some questions.

According to many locals, it is regular practice for officers to station themselves in this or a nearby spot “to serve and protect” – who or what, locals are not sure.

Nobody is sure because there hasn’t been a regular train through this crossing in 10 or more years! Apparently what is being served and protected is the benefit package of local law enforcement and or the coffers for the powers that be.

Lest you think I have “sour infraction citation syndrome,” I do not.

One particular occasion that I observed the happenings, the officer was dutifully watching for offenders of the law (not stopping at the stop sign for train traffic), while obstructing the right of way of pedestrians.

This officer was providing an attractive nuisance, making drivers wonder what in the world she was doing right next to the crossing, sitting on the sidewalk in her patrol car.

I’m told that tickets are handed out regularly here. I’d like to know more, as you should. If this pattern of ticketing is prevalent at this location, you should question what else is taking place to part you from what’s in your wallet under the pretense of serving and protecting.

During my many years, I’ve seen lots to upset common sense! If the above information I have been provided is correct, then people of the area have cause for concern.

Perhaps someone from your informative paper that has plenty of business ads can do some investigating. In these tough times, it just might help to make some sense of why folks (most likely tourists with dinero) are being ticketed at a magic train crossing.

Might also be of interest if someone checks whether the signs at this location meet the “Uniform Code of Traffic Control Devices.” It certainly doesn’t meet the uniform code of common sense.

But then again, your leaders might just be desirous of emulating the revenue-generating (robbery) policies of other cash-strapped states. Don’t you think we’re being taxed enough? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Jeff Talbot, Redding, Calif.

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