Vail Daily letter: Call it history |

Vail Daily letter: Call it history

Dr. Michael Schneider’s comments about well-intended candidates for elected office who metamorphose, once elected to office, into self-aggrandizing arrogant phonies concerned with their own self interest is right on point.

Unfortunately for all of us, this observation was also made over 500 years ago. We just never learn.

Yagyu Munenori (1571-1646) was one of the great samurai theoreticians whose writings form the basis for martial arts as we practice them today. He wrote that after a territorial conquest, consideration must be given: “to the selection of governors and administrators of all regions, and to national security, (as this is) a martial art. When governors, administrators, magistrates and local lords oppress the common people in pursuit of personal profit, this above all is the beginning of the end for a nation. Observing the situation carefully, planning so as to prevent the nation from perishing through the self-seeking of those governors, administrators, magistrates and local lords, is like watching an opponent in a duel to see if he has anything up his sleeve.”

Kudos to Mike Schneider. If Yagyu Munenori were here today to observe the current health-care legislative “process” (term used loosely), I’m sure he would have plenty to say about the self-interested politicians who were the subject of Mike Schneider’s letter to the Vail Daily.

David M. Stern


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