Vail Daily letter: Candidates crowd Holy Cross ballot |

Vail Daily letter: Candidates crowd Holy Cross ballot

Buddy Shipley
Vail, CO, Colorado

Nine people are seeking two seats on electric utility’s board of directors


Voters across the utility’s service area – essentially from Parachute to Vail along Interstate 70, and from Glenwood Springs to Aspen and Carbondale to Marble – will elect two people to the seven-member board, but board members serve specific districts.

Incumbent Lynn Dwyer is seeking another three-year term representing the western district. She’s being challenged by Clem Kopf, of Glenwood Springs; Tom McBrayer, of Carbondale; and Randy Udall, of Carbondale.

Current board member George Shaeffer is leaving after three terms. Running to replace him are Dan Corcoran, of Eagle; Megan Gilman, of Eagle-Vail; Erik Lundquist, of Gypsum; Arn Menconi, of Vail; and Scott Prince, of Avon.

In this election we vote for two:

Clem Kopf, of Glenwood Springs: Yes (I received a couple emails endorsing him)

Tom McBrayer, of Carbondale: ?

Randy Udall, of Carbondale: ?

Dan Corcoran, of Eagle: Yes (Eagle GOP County surveyor candidate in 2010)

Megan Gilman, of Eagle-Vail: No

Erik Lundquist, of Gypsum: No

Arn Menconi, of Vail: Hell No!

Scott Prince, of Avon: Yes (I received verbal and email endorsements)

Scott Prince has a good business profile. He comes from a private-sector, business-background perspective in which he has to manage the bottom line. These utility providers do need to be run as a business, not a charity.

Meghan Gilman is all about “green energy” and knows full well how to start a business on gubmint “green loans” (i.e., new and innovative ways to spend more of other people’s money).

Erik Lundquist uses the language of Obama with his “goal to foster an era of change with transparency in governing” and his references to environmentalism (never mind the cost or economic viability, if it feels good do it — with other people’s money, of course).

Dan Corcoran ran as the Republican candidate for Eagle County surveyor in 2010.

I can’t find any candidate information on the Holy Cross website:

Nothing in the Vail Mountaineer.

Vail Daily has provided a tiny bit of coverage, but no more online comments.

It seems the candidates themselves haven’t campaigned at all.

Only one article on the ECT, slamming that parasite Menconi.

Buddy Shipley

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