Vail Daily letter: Can’t be all that dangerous |

Vail Daily letter: Can’t be all that dangerous

Toby Mower
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding the letter to the editor “Tragedy in waiting,” there are many incidences where one could prevent a death through a simple policy change. However, an even better policy change would have been simply to close the run for whatever time it took to groom it during that time period.

I have spoken to ski instructors who have stopped taking their students down Redtail or Larkspur because of icy conditions which were not icy when those slopes had been properly groomed during the day.

Is the Thursday night instructor-kiddie ski-down safe? After all, it is usually semi-dark and the visibility is poor. This also is a “tragedy in waiting.”

On the very next page where “tragedy in waiting” appeared, another article: “Fatal semi-truck crash closes I-70.” With tongue in cheek, does that mean we close down I-70 to all semi-trucks? We all know that without them the highways would be safer, but yes, many deaths and accidents have occurred on I-70 involving semis.

I have been told that two skiers indeed collided with groomers, but I was also told that those groomers were at standstill at the time and no one got hurt. I wonder what we all are thinking.

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So what does “Not exactly roughing it” really mean with the grooming change?

Toby Mower

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