Vail Daily letter: Car-cycle conflict continues |

Vail Daily letter: Car-cycle conflict continues

Tim Mt Pleasant
Vail, CO, Colorado

I hate to sound like a broken record in this ongoing feud between cyclists and motorists but I just want to applaud the construction company driver on a recent morning for honking and flipping us off when passing us on Highway 6.

Yes, we were riding two abreast (legally), but with one on the shoulder and the other straddling the white line we were hardly in your way. Plus, considering that there were no oncoming cars, this made your act even more distasteful.

Please remember that with the logos on the vehicle you represent your company.

Just remember that if you want to drive at 60-plus mph, there are two lanes about 100 yards away for that. To the other 23 vehicles that passed us, including Gallegos Corp. and Alpine Landscaping, thank you for being respectful!

Tim Mt Pleasant


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