Vail Daily letter: Careless attitudes |

Vail Daily letter: Careless attitudes

Glenn Hoefer
Edwards, CO Colorado

I was recently fired as a bus driver for the town of Vail. The reason? I informed a party on my bus that had entered that they reeked of marijuana. I was not specific to any person about the stench, and stated that to any of those people holding pot, it was more than obvious and they should take note of it as they are on a mixed public bus.

I stated that despite any freedoms the state of Colorado may allow, the bus and I are under federal regulations established by the federal DOT, to which all states must comply. I am a licensed DOT driver under even stronger restrictions than the state would make. A person in the group called and complained to my boss, Mike Rose of the Vail Transit Authority, and then he fired me.

In addition to this state of affairs, I have in my two months of employ had to deal with drunken people on the Vail public bus to the extent they cannot communicate where they are staying, or even passing out on my bus to states that cannot be awakened. It is needless to say that these people, who include all types, are very likely being overserved by bar staffs in the Vail area.

My immediate supervisor, Ed Hansen, has discussed with me that these issues and complaints seemingly fall on deaf ears to the Town Council, even though everyone recognizes it to be a severe problem. In dealing with the police in town when having to call them for these problems, which include fights quite regularly, they acknowledge it as well.

In this negligence is apparent that the image of Vail as a loose party town is more important that the safety of the patrons and working public alike. There have been people who have died as a result of this free flowing attitude towards alcohol, frozen, lost in snowbanks or a tree well after staggering away from the bus.

This is simply irresponsible and unacceptable, but the town appears to value its reputation and money over public safety to the extent that they will fire an employee who would monitor and explain existing laws on the bus, or complain that a bus drivers job should not include dealing with the drunks the Vail business community so successfully produces.

I can’t say I’ll miss this part of the job, however a job is a job, and I will need another…but not without apprising people what I find to be the careless attitudes I found working for the TOV.

Some may say this letter is payback. Truly, I was prepared to quit over the problems I experienced driving the bus. It isn’t fun dealing with men and women so inebriated they can barely stand, often having no idea where they are. You can think what you wish, but for my part what I saw isn’t fitting for a resort with the caliber of the reputation Vail presupposes.

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