Vail Daily letter: Carving up column |

Vail Daily letter: Carving up column

Anya Cooper
Vail, CO, Colorado

Too bad Dr. Rick Cunningham’s column Tuesday on ACL tears was published after Lindsey Vonn tore hers, because otherwise she would have known how to prevent ACL tears!

I wonder if her ski bindings were adjusted appropriately (one of the doctor’s recommendations). If only Vonn’s tech knew!

Of course, it could have been that Vonn didn’t know how to land after a jump.

Is Cunningham’s next column going to be “Prevent cancer: Eat more fruits and vegetables”?

I am not a doctor, and even I know that you can do everything right – diet, ski technique, equipment, proper strength training – and still tear a ligament.

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You can decrease the chance of injury if you do everything right, but you can not prevent it. Don’t make your past and future patients feel bad because now they think they could have prevented the injury.

Now, there is one way to prevent a tear of an ACL. It is not on Cunningham’s list, and it is the only one that works: Don’t go skiing, play soccer, ice skate or do anything physical.

Sit on the couch. Your ACL will be safe, and you will never get to meet Cunningham.

Anya Cooper


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