Vail Daily letter: Case for term limits |

Vail Daily letter: Case for term limits

Herb Rammrath
Vail, CO, Colorado

I wish to share with your readers a bipartisan and pertinent political story that I recently heard. One that might be appreciated by some of your other letter writers and even by Don Rogers, who seems to only blame members of the GOP for our country’s problems.

A man was driving his car on the thruway into Washington, D.C., and encountered a huge traffic jam, forcing him to stop. While standing still, a person knocked on his window and offered an explanation. He said, “Some terrorists have kidnapped the entire U.S. Congress and are demanding a ransom of $100 million. If not paid, they will douse the entire Congress with gasoline and set them aflame. So we are taking up a collection.”

The man in the car said, “Wow. What has been the average donation so far?”

The response: “Oh, roughly a gallon.”

Only a joke. A much better solution to our country’s financial difficulties would undoubtedly be term limits. Bring back non-career politicians!

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Herb Rammrath


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