Vail Daily letter: ‘Cash for Flunkies’ |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Cash for Flunkies’

Robert Hemmerich
Vail, CO, Colorado

The recent drive to spur the economy being cash for clunkers has been a success, they say. Soon to come will be the cash for appliances program.

If we want tremendous returns on future taxpayer subsidies, why don’t we start the program “Cash for Congressional Flunkies”?

You see that by simply voting out all reckless drunken spendthrifts who don’t take the time to read the legislation they’re voting for; who fearlessly spend the future into trillion-dollar deficits per year (that is $3,000 per person per trillion per year plus future interest!); who bail out failures (AIG, GM, Citibank, etc.); who have never run a business or produced real tangible stuff (80 percent are lawyers!); who grease the pockets of their special-interest supporters and lobbyists; who favor the big guy over the little guy (bail out the biggest bankers and shoot the little bankers!) – and this is just the beginning of the list.

They do this in the name of political gain. Congress is talking about overspending around $2.5 trillion in its current two-year term. Just think, a family of four would save $30,000 if we recycled Congress in 2010 with honest, down-to-earth, hard-working folks who really look to keep eternal debt off future generations and stop generational theft!

Are you afraid of what they have done to the U.S. dollar and inflation eroding it farther? Does the phrase “$9 trillion deficit” send chills up your spine? Beware! We must be extremely careful to scrutinize those we elect. We must insist that we do not elect a clone of the old one. Prepare now to claim your rebate and vote for real change.

The future depends on it. Let’s start the “Cash in Congress” movement next year.

Robert Hemmerich

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