Vail Daily letter: Caught between the poles |

Vail Daily letter: Caught between the poles

For the past several years, in the United States the heavy pendulum of politics has swung from stop to stop while gyrating erratically in the process.

In its turbulent wake are unwinnable wars with many thousands of casualties, mounting debt and deficits, a crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment, soaring energy costs, unpopular legistion, a fibrillating Congress, loss of prestige on the world stage, fear, uncertainty and a house divided against itself more so than at any time since the Civil War.

Two terms of heavy-handed and mostly inept oversight of the nation’s affairs under the incompetent presence of George W. Bush shocked the nation to its senses.

However the recoil from his shock and awe resulted in the election of Barack Obama, an unknown community organizer with the apparent sole ability to read a teleprompter (kudos to Harvard), but totally lacking the experience and wisdom necessary to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

We the people have for too long suffered from the fallout generated by the extreme ideologies and policies of both the right wing of the Republican Party and the left wing of the Democrats as we witness the very fabric of the nation being torn apart.

Where are the centrists in the nation today, the wise, competent, experienced, principled women and men who understand and reflect the feelings of the vast majority of the population who mostly wish to be left alone and when governed, governed responsibly and intelligently from the center?

Peter Bergh


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