Vail Daily letter: Check out TED talks |

Vail Daily letter: Check out TED talks

Marianne Munson Milloy
Vail, CO Colorado

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) lectures now are a big part of my day. As a retired senior seeking inspiration and meaning in my life to join the joy of spending more time with my husband, children, grandchildren and friends, a daily TED lecture is a must. On weekends, maybe two or three.

Check out TED on Wikipedia, which gives a history of the 18-minute talks or performanaces given by people of achievement which were first only heard by attendees at expensive conferences. But now they are free on the Web. Today, I listened to a talk by Kiran Bir Sethi on how she teaches kids to take change in India and how those students have been able to make changes in their communities. A “must view” for all teachers, school officials and everyone dealing with children.

I could go on and on about all the great things I have learned in these TED lectures, but you must try it. Go to and watch one of the new and highlighted talks or search for fields of your interest – medicine, photography, schools, …whatever. Or get a free TED application for your iPhone or iPad or smart phone. Enjoy, be informed and inspired.

Although reading The New York Times online in the morning, watching at my leisure NPR Newshour, Charlie Rose, BookTV and Jon Stewart daily programs recorded on my DVR and practicing my fiddle were my routine, now, watching a TED lecture is a must and often the best part of the day. Try it.

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