Vail Daily letter: Christmas miracle |

Vail Daily letter: Christmas miracle

Buzz Schleper
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to acknowledge a Vail local who saved Christmas for one of my employees. My employee, Rob Pollan, received a back pack, avalanche beacon, probe and shovel for Christmas from his father.

The package was shipped to my shop, Buzz’s Boards and Ski Shop, the day before Christmas. That night on his way home from work Rob placed the box on the top of his car and drove home. You guessed it, the box was not on top of his car when he arrived home and Rob backtracked that evening but did not find his package.

The next morning we were told the bad news at the shop. We all commented that there are great and honest people that live in Vail and that the package might just show up. Not more than 15 minutes had gone by and Kevin McGlaughlin walked into the shop with Rob’s package. The box was a little beat up from some road rash but all the contents had survived the mishap.

Now there is not one skier in Vail who would not love to have everything in this box for out of bounds skiing. And Kevin had the decency to return the goods he found on the road and save Rob’s Christmas. This is just another sign that we live in the greatest place on earth. Kevin McGlaughlin is part of the Positive Movement we enjoy so much in Vail and our valley.

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