Vail Daily letter: Church of cannabis |

Vail Daily letter: Church of cannabis

Trevor Douglas
Vail, CO, Colorado

Freedom of religion is a topic that was once fought for and helped to establish the USA. Today, I am being tried for something that has been a part of my family’s religion for generations. Religious cannabis is nothing new, actually it has been around since before written history. The use of the plant in rituals, ceremonies, communion and prayer is mandated by my God as with many other religions around the world (Rastafarians, for example).

Who should be able to control the growth and possession of a plant that is so healing (as the U.S. patent for medical marijuana states) and spiritually enlightening, not to mention a plant that George Washington said: “Sow it everywhere.” A doctor is able to prescribe hundreds of patients a day medicinal marijuana. Who is to tell me I cannot use marijuana-cannabis as a religious sacrament in the privacy of my own home?

If anything why don’t we try citing the millions of people addicted to much more dangerous over the counter drugs sold every day. This is a plant that’s use dates back to 8000 B.C. in ancient China, where shamans were using it the same way I do today. Please help support my case on March 9 at 2 p.m. in the Georgetown Court House.

Trevor Douglas


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