Vail Daily letter: Clarify firearms ad policy |

Vail Daily letter: Clarify firearms ad policy

Buddy Shipley
Edwards, CO Colorado

In response to the Vail Daily classified notice regarding firearms ads:

Fearless leader said, “Words have meaning.” Well, sometimes they don’t.

What is a “rapid fire” firearm? Firearms may be capable of firing a single shot, there are semi-automatic and revolvers, and burst or full automatic (Class III), but I know of no specific classification for a “rapid fire” firearm. It is a nonsense term.

What exactly is an “assault rifle”? Many uninformed politicians claim to know one when they see one; black composite stocks seem to scare them more than light wood stocks (maybe they’re racist). Many novices wrongly believe the “AR” in AR-15 refers to “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle,” but actually it’s just an abbreviation of the manufacturer’s name, ArmaLite Inc. A quote from AR history: “Early Colt AR-15s, their magazines, and their operator’s manuals were marked with ArmaLite’s name. Colt retained the AR-15 designation on commercial rifles. To this day, Colt’s has a model designation with the letters AR, which stands for ‘ArmaLite.'”

Also, can you clarify what is meant by “illegal firearms” versus “legal firearms”? What firearms are illegal? And why would anyone feel the need to make a point of not listing illegal goods of any sort in your paper? If you offer to accept ads for (legal) medical marijuana dispensaries, would you also have to assert that you will not accept ads for heroin, meth or crack?

Enquiring minds wanna know.

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