Vail Daily letter: Climate change worries |

Vail Daily letter: Climate change worries

Carole Warren
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read your coverage of the Avon Town Council meeting last week about regarding the pros and cons of the SnowBall Festival. I am concerned that “By the numbers” does not include the death of the young California man who was hitchhiking and killed on a Vail frontage road at 2 a.m on the weekend of the festival. Both he and the driver who hit him were legally drunk and were wearing bracelets from the festival, which suggested that both were attendees.

As an educator, parent and full-time Avon resident, I am saddened that our Town Council makes decisions based on dollars rather than the health and well being of young people. Festivals, such as SnowBall, only encourage criminal and self destructive behaviors, as proven by the forty-eight arrests related to substance abuse, mayhem, and vandalism.

Let us make a concerted effort to bring events to this Valley that raise money for the Town, but at the same time focus on family fun and sports competition.

Carole Warren


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