Vail Daily letter: Closures important for wildlife |

Vail Daily letter: Closures important for wildlife

Rosie Shearwood
Eagle, CO Colorado

To the town of Eagle and Colorado Division of Wildlife:

I would like to respectfully submit my thoughts regarding removal of seasonal-use restrictions on trails within the town of Eagle’s open space. I understand only one trail would be affected, but after studying where those trails exist, I feel there is not a single trail that wouldn’t represent a great loss to the wildlife trying to survive winter in the area; human use would disrupt both movement and grazing of wildlife and perhaps survival, or it at least would displace it.

These closures were given great consideration as the best policy to help maintain the presence of wildlife in the Brush Creek corridor, a point very strongly supported by the vast majority of residents in past surveys.

Money has been invested and spent by way of the Eagle Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Plan for habitat improvement. That plan was a part of the planned-unit-development approval for Eagle Ranch and contingent as a part of approval. To change a PUD for a select few recreationists, to me, is not acceptable. I feel any changes would be going against what good future planning is about. We make decisions about open space and land use, and as a resident, I expect them to be upheld into the future. The town committed to this plan, and I think residents of Eagle Ranch expected the money they invested (and spent) in their mitigation plan to be upheld in its entirety.

I strongly disagree with any change to trail closures, and I hope the town of Eagle and the Colorado Division of Wildlife will stand firm on their commitment to protect our sensitive wildlife habitat.

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