Vail Daily letter: Clueless fools voted for ERS |

Vail Daily letter: Clueless fools voted for ERS

Andrew Mundo
Vail, CO, Colorado

I knew the “Vote Yes for ERS” campaign was a propaganda machine. I just wish the people who voted “yes” were lucid enough to see it, too.

Chicago-style politics are alive and well in Smalltown USA. The “Vote Yes” camp received 24 times the funding of the “Vote No” camp. Sadly, this is a snapshot of politics in the USA today.

Buying a vote is nothing new, and comrade Obama took it to new levels in 2008 when he bought a one-hour infomercial on national tv to drum support. Now you see his banner ads all over Yahoo and at the beginning of YouTube videos.

And with the election only a few months away, we get to decide between a millionare who has failed us for three years, and another millionare who thinks he too is one with the common man.

What has RED promised the common man? Big box retailers that have yet to commit and the low-paying jobs that they offer. Never mind the fact that these anticipated jobs are years away. I wonder how many of the “yes” voters will even still be living in Eagle once the mystery stores open?

Most of the people I know who were against ERS were longtime locals, or grew up in similar small towns. They lived here for the world-class skiing, outdoor sports, fresh air, open space and because it was a great place to raise children.

Most of the people I know who supported ERS were from out of state, and only moved to Eagle to chase the housing bubble, which has since burst. A lot of them were living like kings during the Eagle Ranch years.

Where else in the world do you have construction workers living in million dollar homes, and driving $50,000 vehicles? Now they are looking for one more score, because things will be “different” this time around.

One thing that will be different is Eagle. I really do hope I am wrong and that a failing ERS and town of Eagle won’t be featured on “60 Minutes” someday.

To all the opponents who live in Upper Kaibab, Brush Creek and Eby Creek, I thank you for the support even though the town refused to let you vote.

To all the opponents in Gypsum, I thank you too. At least now you can quit channeling Costco revenues back to Eagle’s corrupt town board.

To all the proponents of ERS, I hope you enjoy the 10 percent sales tax that Eagle residents will now pay, and I hope if things get real bad, you won’t move away only to leave the “real locals” left holding the bag.

And contrary to what was asked of you by the Town Board, don’t ever forget what just happened. To quote Jefferson: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Andrew Mundo