Vail Daily letter: Colorado disgraced |

Vail Daily letter: Colorado disgraced

Mike Lederhause
Vail, CO, Colorado

The month of March was a disgrace for Colorado. On Monday, March 4, the president of the state Senate, John Morse, along with state Sen. Angel Giron and state Sen. Lucia Guzman hosted what should have been honest and open public hearings to take public comment on the various proposed gun ban bills in the state Senate.

Instead the hearings were a sham, allowing only a select few to testify with a predetermined outcome. The hundreds of Colorado citizens who took time off work and made the trip to the Capitol from throughout Colorado because they believed in honest and open government were excluded from testifying, while uninformed people were imported from outside the state and given an opportunity to talk. What a disgrace.

On Friday, March 8, the bills were supposed to be debated in the full Senate but there was no debate. Many members of the “Responsible Party” testified for hours about the harm these bills would do to Colorado and its law abiding citizens. The “Dumbocrats” for the most part did not even respond and at times were not even in the room listening to what was being said. Again the results were predetermined by the Dumbocrats and the bills moved to state House, where they were again passed on Friday, March 15.

Now it is up to Gov. Hickenlooper to act responsibly and veto all five remaining gun ban bills and uphold the state Constitution that he took an oath to uphold. Anything less is malfeasance of office, and he should be removed.

None of these bills do anything to promote safety and reduce mass murders. They are a kneejerk reaction to terrible crimes committed by mentally unstable individuals, not by the law-abiding citizens that these bills now penalize.

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Theft was illegal when the House sponsor of several of these bills, Rhonda Fields, allegedly committed theft and was arrested. The fact that theft was against the law did not deter her, so why do these Dumbocrats now believe that another ill-conceived law is going to deter someone from mass murder? Murder is already illegal.

While the Colorado Legislature is busy attacking and destroying the Constitution, let’s make some changes that will really benefit Colorado and all of America. Let’s make a requirement that everyone must show valid ID, proof of legitimate employment and pass an intelligence test on the issues and candidates on the ballot before they can vote.

Any person on welfare or an employee of the government agency affected by the vote would be ineligible to vote because that would be a conflict of interest.

If we did this, it would not take long to get America back on the right track and out of debt. Since the Dumbocrats seem to think the Constitution no longer matters, it should be no problem to enact these laws.

We cannot only blame the people in office who have brought this injustice. The biggest blame is on the voters last Nov. 6 who voted blindly and put these people in office. They exercised their right to vote, and that has now taken away the rights of law-abiding citizens. Don’t let those responsible forget that.

Mike Lederhause

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